Artists Statement:

My recent work is a natural extension of the direction I have been working over the past decade. I

feel very rooted in the landscape: the anatomy and geography of “place”; the textures, colour and

form: elements which I have always tried to incorporate into my work.

So it is very exciting that we are moving “home”- from Ballinasloe, Co Galway where we have lived

for the past 12 years, back to the Kildare/Laois border; incidentally, back to the very parish where

my grandmothers home-place was. Here, I feel this huge, layered emotional landscape within a

rural geographical one, and it is this finding, this exploration, this delving into history and place that

I ‘m looking forward to exploring.
In the past few years I have been working towards, and within, a 3-dimensional framework, using

cloth, clay and found objects as a complement to my collages and landscape-based paintings. I

am particularly drawn to the “doll” form, for its evocative nature, and enjoy pushing it beyond its

traditional expression.



I recently took part in the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project, April 2016;

And in the Jack and Jill Foundation “Hares On The March” project, which was on exhibition in Dublin in March 2016.

I am exhibiting in the Dunamaise Arts Centre from June 24th until the end of July 2016 as part of the exhibition “Escape”.

I am exhibiting from the 29th-3rd July 2016 in the Athy Art Group Annual Exhibition.