Artists Statement:

My recent work is a natural extension of the direction I have been working over the past decade. I feel very rooted in the landscape: the anatomy and geography of “place”; the textures, colour and form: elements which I have always tried to incorporate into my work.

So it is very exciting that we are moving “home”- from Ballinasloe, Co Galway where we have lived for the past 12 years, back to the Kildare/Laois border; incidentally, back to the very parish where my grandmothers home-place was. Here, I feel this huge, layered emotional landscape within a rural geographical one, and it is this finding, this exploration, this delving into history and place that I ‘m looking forward to exploring.

In the past few years I have been working towards, and within, a 3-dimensional framework, using cloth, clay and found objects as a complement to my collages and landscape-based paintings. I am particularly drawn to the “doll” form, for its evocative nature, and enjoy pushing it beyond its traditional expression.

You can find me here:

I blog primarily over at The Nest.

Instagram: rainsfordryan

My facebook pages are here: The Nest and Emily Rainsford Art.

Twitter: @RainsfordRyan

Pinterest: Emily Rainsford Ryan

I write and illustrate a Book of Days annually (check out my Illustration page!)

I took part in the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project, April 2016

And in the Jack and Jill Foundation “Hares On The March project, which was on exhibition in Dublin in March 2016.

I am exhibiting in the Dunamaise Arts Centre from June 24th until the end of July 2016 as part of the exhibition “Escape”.

I exhibit annually in the  Athy Art Group Annual Exhibition (May/June)